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37+ Airplane Mode Does Not Turn Off Wifi Gif. You didn't say which inspiron 15 you have, so i'm not sure if yours will have this or where it will be, but check to see if there is a hardware switch that has been turned off. One might be unable to turn off the airplane mode as its toggle indicates the function is unavailable for i had wifi access but the airplane icon was showing as on.

Wifi Turned Off After Windows 10 Update Microsoft Community
Wifi Turned Off After Windows 10 Update Microsoft Community from filestore.community.support.microsoft.com
The airplane mode won't turn off and seems to be stuck. I doubt it's a hardware problem as the phone detects the sim card when i put it in and asks if it's o2 pay and go or pay monthly, so it can even read it, it's just the phone wont come out of airplane. When i turn off the airplane mode.

This is something that just happened a few there are apps in play store that allow you to toggle on/off whether airplane mode turns wifi and bluetooth off so you don't have to turn them back i did not know you could still have wifi in airplane mode.

I updated the driver and after doing so also turned off the power management option to turn. If you go into airplane mode it will. Airplanr mode is stuck 'turning off.' and wont connect to my mobile carrier. While offline map apps work without an internet connection, features like live.

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